Robert Thibadeau
July 8, 2018 
How To Get Your Privacy Back

  MCA Chicago
October 18, 2016 
The Geometry of Thinking
by Teddy Rankin-Parker and Gene Coleman.

  MIT Technology Review
April 23, 2014 
Neuromorphic Chips
"Only one arguably neuromorphic processor, a noise suppression chip made by Audience, has sold in the hundreds of millions. The chip, which is based on the human cochlea, has been used in phones from Apple, Samsung, and others."

  Entrepreneur Magazine
February 19, 2013 
Unlocking Business Ideas Hidden in the Natural World

  Ray Kurzweil
December 2012 
How To Create A Mind - The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

  NASDAQ Press Release
May 11, 2012 
Audience rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell (story)

  NASDAQ Video
May 11, 2012 
Audience rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell (video)

  San Francisco Chronicle
January 16, 2012 
Audience EarSmart chip gives top sound on phones

  Bloomberg Businessweek
January 12, 2012 
Lloyd Watts's Audience gives phones better ears

  PC Mag Product Reviews of Samsung phones
Sept 7, 2010 
AT&T Samsung Captivate (with Audience)
Verizon Samsung Fascinate (without Audience)

  AT&T / Samsung Mobile Press Release
May 25, 2010 
AT&T and Samsung Mobile Announce Upcoming Availability of the Samsung Rugby® II

February 5, 2010 
Google waxes poetic on Nexus One

  Google Technology Video
February 5, 2010 
Nexus One: The Story - Episode 1: Concept & Design

  AT&T / Audience Press Release
January 26, 2010 
Audience Brings Advanced Audio Noise Suppression to AT&T Mobile Devices

  Venture Beat
January 8, 2010 
The Magical Chip that Delivers Nexus One's Call Quality

  Google Press Release
January 5, 2010 
Nexus One press release, featuring Audience

  Blog Critics
April 9, 2009 
Interview with Money Management Guru Dr. Lloyd Watts

  Divine Caroline
March 30, 2009 
Lloyd Watts Shows How to Create a Full and Prosperous Life

  Business Week
December 1, 2008 
Building Computers that Mimic the Brain

  Wall Street Journal
September 29, 2008 
Audience wins 2008 Technology Innovation Award
October 27, 2008 
Review of The Flow of Time and Money by John Lehman

  Holder Tonight Radio Show
October 9, 2008 
Interview with Peter Anthony Holder

  Mona Miller Radio Show
September 7, 2008 
Mona Miller Radio Show Interview

  Michael Dresser Radio Show
August 20, 2008 
Michael Dresser Interview

August 12, 2008 
First Book to Unify Time and Money Management

  Yahoo News
August 12, 2008 
First Book to Unify Time and Money Management

  Cable Radio Network
August 11, 2008 
Radio Interview with Jack Roberts

  MIT Technology Review
July/August 2008 
Clear Calls

  Venture Beat
February 22, 2008 
Technology is getting more human-like: Audience, Numenta and more

  New York Times
February 11, 2008 
Tiny Cellphone Chip Aims to Improve Sound Quality

  Ray Kurzweil
September 2005 
The Singularity is Near

  MIT Technology Review
September 2004 
Carver Mead's Natural Inspiration

  The Long Bet
Long Bet #1 between Mitch Kapor and Ray Kurzweil

  American Spectator
Sept/Oct 2001 
Carver Mead's American Spectator Interview